Artificial Intelligence Problems, and #Include stdarg.h source file, other files not found and an odd call stack error. UE4 Version 4.23/4.24

These errors are the main problem.

The First photo is giving me an error on .Num() which called an array of actor, within the AI’s Sight Radius for some reason .Num() is giving me an error which I know it is a valid function to call within UE4. I am working with AI at the moment within the controller. I don’e know if the errors below contribute to the .NUM() function not working. On compile the engine does not recognize the .NUM() error it say it is fine.

This crash report only happens during simulate play. Not during regular play in the view port. I am not completely sure if the problem lies in the code itself or the plugins I have installed or the version of the engine. The compiler does not register these errors. I believe it has to do with the plugins I have installed or somewhere in source folder. I am not completely sure what to do here since the debugger does not tell me what to do. If you need more code I can oblige the request.

I created a new project using Unreal Engine 4. Then copy and pasted the same code into the project and the errors were gone. I imagine it was the transfer from UE4 4.23 transition to 4.24.3 that started giving me problems. Maybe it was a memory leak. But at least the bugs are gone I just rebuilt the project from the ground up. I will note that down for the next time. I had many derived actors so perhaps the memory leak happened because I overloaded my project. This was the best idea I could come up with at the time due to the fact on compilation there were no errors. Just that the project looked unstable due to the debugger having many errors. Perhaps the code was dirty and I just needed to clean it up and need to stop giving band aids. I just recreated the project within UE 4.24.