Art Project - Mixed Reality - Streaming VR

Hi everybody !

I’m a virtual reality artist and I have a new project that involves a live streaming directly in UE4.

I followed this tutorial : Playing Live Video Captures in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation

So, I have my scene, then I create a NewMediaPlayer, and I choose my little Logitech webcam as a capture device source. In unreal the webcam shows up in the MediaPlayer asset list of sources but when selected I just get a black screen and the activity light on the camera does not light.

I only found one discussion about this topic but there is not a good solution for the moment…

**I don’t know if the problem was from the Unreal version so i tried the 4.24.1, 4.21.2 and 4.10.4 **

I’m working on Windows 10 familly 1903

Operating system:18362.592

i7 7700 CPU 3,6 GHz

16 Go RAM

Nvidia Ge Forces GTX 1060

Can somebody help me please or may be have different solution for this ?

The exhibition is in Brussels on March 27 2020, of course, you’ll be invited :wink:

Best regards, Emilien

Hello again everybody !

**I tried to use the 4.18.3 version as mentioned in the official tutorial but it failed too. **

I join you a picture of what i have on my screen when i adding my webcam as a capture device source.

I look forward to hearing from you, i wish you a good day !