Array Issues

Hi guys/ettes.
I’m hoping you can shed some light on this issue, I cant seem to wrap my head around why this is happening.

So, I’m making a big flashing arrow, and at the same time, I was trying to play around a bit with arrays and functions when I ran into an issue.
The concept of this BP is as follows; when the first event gets triggered, it should start a timeline, which then again sets a pulsing intensity of the selected light. When the timeline is about half way, I have a Do Once command which gets triggered by a float from the timeline, and then starts the next lamp event, which is exactly the same as the one above.
My issue is that the comment section which is controlled by the function and array, does not work the way it should. The light’s does not fade in as it should, and as soon as the timeline reaches the value that triggers the next comment section, it just turns to 0, totally ignoring the last second of the timeline.
Meanwhile, the comment section I’ve made without any functions or arrays work like it should, being the exact same as the first section which has the function and array, except from the functions and arrays.

I hope you can make some sense of what I just wrote, thanks for all and any help.