ARCore/ARKit SDK Updates

I’ve been creating a small AR app for both Android and iPhone, but have been focusing my development on Android. I am currently using a Google Pixel XL. The company I work for has a client that is very interested in having an AR app created using the technology but we have one major concern. The amount of devices capable of using, at least, ARCore is limited to the Google Pixel line, Pixel 2 line, and the Samsung Galaxy S8. I understand that ARCore is still in SDK Developer preview, but this preview has been built into UE4.18. I was curious if anyone knew how Epic will update the SDK for ARCore and ARKit with updates are available? Will there be subversion updates (IE: 4.18.1) or will it most likely be released in 4.19? This is kind of important because we cannot give a client an app that works on 5 phones total. Most people that would use this app would have a multitude of different phones, including iPhones, so I want to make sure as many people can use it as possible. Thanks!

This is a great question that I would love to get a response as well. Anyone from Epic have any insights into how updates to the integrated SDKs for ARKit and ARCore will be rolled out?

Looks like Google added ARCore to the Play Store. I’m not sure it has been updated or not but I’m wondering if this gets updated will that affect our UE4 projects?

As I know, usually such a big updates with final releases coming only on full releases. You should wait for 4.19 to see the changes. This article may help:

Hi, here is the latest update on ARCore if you are interested: ARCore Developer Preview 2

Thanks! I noticed that today and came here to post about it. I believe how it will be updated is through Google not Unreal. To get ARCore to work, you need to have the arcore-service apk installed on your device. I had an update for it on the play store and noticed the download link for that now is for developer preview 2 as well. So, I can’t confirm, but I believe the actual ARCore updates will come in the form of the service app updating through Google and not through any UE4 update or hotfix.

There are three parts of Google’s ARCore developer preview 2 release:

  1. The new arcore-preview2.apk. (
  2. The new version of Google ARCore plugin that compatible with the new arcore-preview2 apk. This currently only in our Unreal Engine fork repo( right now and will be in Epic’s future mainline release.
  3. The updated HelloAR Unreal project that work with developer preview 2 release.(GitHub - google-ar/arcore-unreal-sdk: ARCore SDK for Unreal)

So to use ARCore developer preview2 in your project, you need to update both the arcore-preview2.ap and the Unreal GoogleARCore plugin.

Hey there! Glad to see so many people diving into AR development with UE4. Here’s a little insight into our plan:

  • In 4.19, you’ll find improved support for ARKit and a full implementation of the ARCore Developer Preview 2 mentioned by Bo above (thanks for dropping the info, Bo!)
  • As we do with most platform types, we’re currently building out a robust API that will ease cross-platform development by unifying the workflows of interacting with the platform SDKs. This will first show up in 4.19 and get updates going forward.
  • Also with 4.19, we’re looking to release a handheld AR Template in the editor that will come preconfigured with examples of plane detection, object spawning, uses of light estimation, pass thru camera, debug information and more.
  • Docs will be coming online in the 4.19 timeframe as well as our implementation will be a bit more concrete.
  • We’re currently working on adding support for Apple’s face recognition tech on the iPhone X, though the timeframe on delivery there is still a little uncertain.
  • Going forward, we’ll continue to add features and functionality as they come online at the platform SDK as we do with other integrations into the engine.

The goal is to help you get moving, iterating and shipping with as little friction as possible. We’re big fans of these platforms and can’t wait to see more of what you all are able to do with them :slight_smile:

Sounds great Chance, is there any ETA for 4.19?


Hoping to have preview out within a couple weeks. Keep an eye out!

Hi [USER=“14973”]Chance Ivey[/USER] is ACore Preview 2 in 4.19P1 already? Or only coming in a later preview?

It seems like they have skipped ArCore Preview 2 from 15 December 2017 from google, I don’t see any notes about this function in 4.19 Preview (from 16 Janyary 2018)

Correct - AR unification and ARCore DP2 will be in 4.19 Preview 2 next week (that’s the plan at least!)


Any update on the timing for ARKit ARFace support? I see work going on in the VRDev branch and have looked at it a bit. But unclear how to use what is there without some basic documentation.

We are currently (painfully) prototyping stuff in “that other engine” where we need to support the FaceKit lighting and depth texture stuff.

It would be very useful if as part of the Facekit integration, beyond the facial blend activation numbers that look like is really the focus right now, the SH and dominant lighting stuff came through as well as access to the depth texture. We are doing a lot of cool stuff with that info and want to bring it into Unreal.

Anyone else able to get the updated preview 2 version of the “Unreal HelloAR sample project” to build in 4.19 P2 ? It looks like P2 has preview 2 but I always get “HelloARUnreal could not be compiled. Try rebuilding from source manually.”
Trying with the 4.19P2 binary

more info if trying to compile in Visual Studio:

Error Unrecognized type ‘UGoogleARCorePlane’ - type must be a UCLASS, USTRUCT or UENUM HelloARUnreal U:\UnrealEngine\Plugins\ARCore\Preview 2\arcore-unreal-sdk-master\HelloARSample\Source\HelloARUnreal\Public\ARPlaneActor.h 37

Anyone able to get a ceiling surface detection with P2? (using the google-ar-4.18-P2 branch) - This comment made it sound like it should be working?:…-sdk/issues/77

I’ve not tried ARKit yet - does it have ceiling detection?

I have the exact same problem as you have with the HelloAR project when trying to load via UE4.19 p2. So I tried with the ARSample project (UE4.18 r3) but I’m getting black screen on my Galaxy S8. I do have arcore-preview2.apk installed. Perhaps I am missing something?

Edit - Made some progress installed “Tango Core” which is an older version of ARCore if I’m not mistaken, and the ARSample project now works. Unfortunately opening “ARSample” project in UE4.19 p2 results in many nodes breaking on the ARPlayerPawn so I haven’t been able to recomple and test. Built a new scene from scratch but now Im back with the black screen. Yes I enabled “Support AR” and the Plugin as well. The ARSample scene still works though from the 4.18r3 build.

Resolved the issue. Needed to create a AR Start Session.

We’ve mentioned it a couple other places, but it’s worth reiterating here - the unified AR API in 4.19 deprecates many other API calls for ARKit and ARCore in previous versions of Unreal Engine in order to bring a cleaner interface to these new technologies. If you’re looking for great example content for 4.19, use the Handheld AR Template in the “New Project” menu. Take a look at the debug menu widget for examples of most of the new API calls :slight_smile:

You should see this in 4.19 as well! Expect more resources around this once the tech is production ready

HelloARSample is not compatible with 4.19 (at least I have not tested it at this point.) Take a look at the Handheld AR Template in the “New Project” menu for many examples of how to use the new unified AR API.