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Great work. I tried to do some Viz work with unreal but didn’t get anything close as you did. So kodus for making such a great job. Would love a small tutorial on the lights, never got the right light to work. (- YouTube what I made, I am no Arch Viz in real life, well not yet hopefully one day.)

Very impressive!!! I would love to see this run on Oculus :slight_smile: Do you have plans on releasing the content? I would love to be able to have folks here look at it and potentially help with engine optimizations so it can be used with an Oculus on a high end machine. This would make a great experience :slight_smile:

Wow koola! The videos that you have shared…just…WOW! Fantastic work yet again!

Just wanted to leave a link. I know it’s german, but it’s the biggest site we have for PC gaming.

I picked it up while browsing the site today, and this was top news. The headline says “Unreal Engine 4 - Impressive render videos appeared”.

I immediately thought about your thread when I was reading the headline :slight_smile:

Hi koola,
what an amazing work !
And like the thoughts at the end of the article from where my first thoughts when i saw your stuff … do
this guy have a Oculus Rift DK2 and plans to release this as a VR experience for the rest of the world ? :slight_smile:

Superb work, very inspiring! I would for one like the content (or some) to be released too :smiley:

@koola any chance of releasing tutorial vids? or maybe a recording of your screen while you work on your lighting?

I’m working on some tests, and while I get over 120fps at 1080 in normal mode, going to the rift goes down to 60fps, just below what is comfortable. Daniel, I would love to learn about engine optimizations for the rift. The template scenes run at lower framerates than something like Couch Knights, which clearly had some optimizations made to it. Is there a guide to getting the most out of framerates for the rift? I’m amazed at how big a hit the rift is on performance.

I also ran some tests on the GI settings Koola used compared to the presets. I’ll try to post soon.

Not going to lie, this is amazing! I’m so glad I found out about your project here about a week ago - It inspired me to finally get my hands on UE4 myself. :slight_smile:

I even went as far as to try and copy you somewhat to teach myself how this engine works, as I’m not used to it.
(Don’t mind the sharpness, it’s not as extreme in-engine. (And yay for too repetitive textures!))

Amazing work koola. You have gone viral inside VFX industry. :slight_smile:

Hell yeah, his great work earned an article at Kotaku:

Wow great job man.
Can you please post a download link to all your works, I just wanna try them out on my AMD 7970 :slight_smile:

Fantastic work, wow.

Ahh, that’s awesome! Great to see my little tidbit of ue4 code going to good use!

Absolutely amazing. If you would make a tutorial video that shows step by step what you did within ue4 to make this I would throw you $50 paypal, and I’m completely serious. Anyone else want to throw in? I want to learn how to do this!

Just read about his settings on the first page and start experimenting :wink: This may sound rude…but I dont think just redoing it step by step is the way to work. Get inspired, check his explanations and start trying for yourself…that will get you further than just following a step by step guide. Of course…this is just my personal opinion :wink:

1+ True that. :slight_smile:

Hi and thanks again everybody :wink:

Some answers :

*How are you doing the color grading? Are you using a lut? If so, what did you use to generate it? Or is the color work done in post after recording the video? *
Yep, I’m using a lut (done in photoshop) … and globally all the effects (tint/tint shadow/contrast/ …).
The videos are captured directly with the movie capture tool in editor.

Can you go a bit more into detail about the dynamic setup?
Just a movable directional light (with LPV on) and a stationary sky. The important thing is that the stationary sky gives good baked sky occlusion and keeps the lighting dynamic.

… and I was wondering if the normal and specularity maps were generated with software like crazybump or similar …
Normal and roughness are done in photoshop (I’m using the nvidia normalmapfiler).

(I featured your videos on 3DVF)
Do you have a website or portfolio online ? I would love to see more of your work !

Hehe thanks :wink:
Nope, no website/portfolio (or twitter, facebook, …^^)

*You have gone viral inside VFX industry. *
Huuuu, I saw that, it’s a bit crazy :slight_smile:

For the tutorial/downloadable stuffs, I’m gonna make a very simple scene and see if I can put it on the marketplace.

Congratulations Koola,
your great work at Unreal Engine 4 + ArchVIZ by Koola - 3D Architectural Visualization & Rendering Blog
My number one archviz blog.


Hi 3dlight,

Here are a few different places that you can find out more about optimizing the Rift for UE4:

Let me know if those help you out! :slight_smile: