ArchViz / Lighting

That video…impressive and just too close to reality. Blown away :smiley:

Those new 4.4 Capsule lights look amazing too! They are going to be so useful! Any idea on how costly that is to have in a given scene?

(Just imagine a Dayz survival game with this environment quality… just saying :wink: )

Keep it up, this is bringing arch viz to a new level.

Holy crab*! This looks better than Inception! :eek:

Have you considered doing a little tutorial on how to set this all up? Hell, a timelapse/screencap of you creating one of these scenes would be very interesting.

Thanks all :slight_smile:

I am new to game engines, so the question, is that video was rendered real time?
Yep (well, the lightmaps are pre rendered but it take like 10 min. In engine, it runs at 50-60fps on a gtx670)

Where do you get your textures and materials? Any website in particular?
mmm … google images :slight_smile:

*Do you have links to other works you did before in architectural rendering? *

*how long did you work on the different scenes (the 4 videos)? *
roughly 2 days per scene.

Those new 4.4 Capsule lights look amazing too! They are going to be so useful! Any idea on how costly that is to have in a given scene?
Given all the lighting is bake … it cost nothing.

So … a new test …
It’s a “almost but not enough” dynamic sun/sky :slight_smile:
“almost but not enough” because every 250ms I recapture the skylight … and it’s wrong ! :smiley:
I found nothing to prebake some cubemaps and blend them.
I also used the LPV feature for the sun.

Absolutely amazing work! How are you doing the color grading? Are you using a lut? If so, what did you use to generate it? Or is the color work done in post after recording the video?

I see your Lighting #4 video went viral, good for you!

So this thread is amazing, great to see so many talented artist here!

Koola, I’m trying to learn your rendering lighting way… but having some issues pushing it further.



Using all default things from UE4 besides the lighting/rendering setup

nice work!!

Inspiring! I’ve enjoyed browsing. Hoping to get something like this (though not as high quality) going on the Rift since everything is pre-baked, sometime after 4.4.1 is out. Thanks koola for being so willing to answer questions and provide exact settings / setup screenshots. I feel it shows confidence as an artist when he/she is willing to share the techniques behind their work, as if they’re not just relying on hidden knowledge but instead on skill. Not that it’s required, just appreciated.

If you ever get the time, a tutorial (video, written, or even a recording of a work in progress) would be most welcomed.

>>Where do you get your textures and materials? Any website in particular?
> mmm … google images

Ehehe, really?? :slight_smile: are you tiling / generating normal maps etc by yourself?

I keep getting amazed at every new video, you are really pushing me to do better, thanks!!

What’s so strange about this?For instance i’m creating from scratch almost all of my textures and i’m using CG Textures only for the base layer of some. :slight_smile:

Hey Koola,

again…super inspiring work! Can you go a bit more into detail about the dynamic setup? Are you still baking something there? Or are you using the movable skylight with distance field AO? Is you geometry rotated to fit the world grid? Because LPV has a grid, and if you rotate stuff the resolution doesnt hold up and you get tons of leaking and artifacts from angles not in the grid^^ Are you still using reflection capture actors? Do you set “force no precomputed lighting” in the world settings? (because that disables the reflection environment, you have to type in"r.diffuseforcapture 1" to make it work again with dynamic lighting) You scene looks like you are using reflection captures, because the reflections the LPV provides dont have the sky in them and have such a bad resolution that you cant really see something in there. It just looks like a white/yellowish mess :smiley: Your scene looks nice reflection wise…so yeah…I just wonder how you set all those different systems up to get this nice result^^

Good work man! Keep it going :wink:

Not so strange, but the results in this case are really good, and I was wondering if the normal and specularity maps were generated with software like crazybump or similar, or if they were professional scans :slight_smile:

Koola, can you tell us about the process of making this?
Exported from 3dmax with all assets? and then uv inside Ue4 or the uvs can be exported from 3dmax as well??

You definitely dont want to make UVs in Unreal since the autounwrap is the worst **** I have ever seen^^ I guess he just builds some blocks in max, unwrappes them and imports it into Unreal (which should be the usual workflow anyways).
Of course you can use the autounwrap in Unreal, but try it out for yourself and compare it to handmade UVs in Max :wink:

Regarding textures…its actually not that much magic to make some good usable textures out of photos from the internet. It just needs a bit more tweaking. With nDo you can almost achieve scan like results for normalmaps. The biggest thing is just to find good photo sources AND make them tileable in a way that they still look good.

What I can definitely recommend are the Arroway textures for ArchViz rendering. Those textures are some of the best I have ever seen! And making nice normals and roughness out of them is not a big deal and most of them are already tileable at least in one direction. So working with them is a total blast quality wise :wink: When I am a bit further down the road with my apartment scene I can share some insights in the texturing process and making photo real materials.


I’d really like to try the Quixel suite, but it is not available on mac. Anybody knows a good equivalent on mac? As said, I had acceptable results with crazybump so far

Hmmm…I dont know if the Substance stuff is available for Mac. Although I prefer the Quixel Suite, Substance can give you pretty neat results as well. Crazybump…I have to admit, I hate it :smiley: Its super overprized and doesnt give you any kind of flexibility. You can get some okayish results with it if it needs to be quick and dirty, but if you really want to dig into advanced texturing and map creation, I would definitely not recommend it. But thats just my experience and preference :wink:


Now you’re just showing off. :smiley:

So there is no baked lighting/aka lightmaps in this scene since you are using LPV

Nice work, Koola !

(I featured your videos on 3DVF)
Do you have a website or portfolio online ? I would love to see more of your work !

It would also be nice to get a playable demo of your work : are you planning to release one ?

Just wanted to drop in and say, I’m loving this! Awesome work :slight_smile: