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Hey guys!

I’m trying to make a BluePrint only AR application but now I am in really dire straits.

  1. How to use Object Tracking in Unreal?

  2. How to make Occlusion in AR? Just like I can’t see the ball behind the wall.

  3. How to improve the frame rate of the AR app? (In the case of Metal Desktop Renderer Open)

  4. Now ARkit 3.0 is supported in Unreal 4.23.1.Anybody have experience doing this?

Any hint on how to solve these issues would be appreciated.

“Now ARkit 3.0 is supported in Unreal 4.23.1” - where do you read this? I have made very bad experiences in UE with AR object detection/tracking. Completely not usable :frowning:

From UE4 Documentation : “Augmented Reality Overview”

Regarding object tracking. According to Joe Graf, staff member @ epic, as far as I understood, “it is a pretty complicated process which will require a dedicated sample to get working”
I guess that means no chance at this moment.

There are Blueprint nodes for Object Tracking, without documentation it is experimental, trial end error. (Without a confirmation that it is fully implemented, it might be a waste of time.)

The AR Session Config has options to enable people occulsion and/or creating meshes from recognized planes with collision, navmeshes and occlusion material. Works.

ARkit 3.0 was announced for Unreal 4.23.1,
but then the 4.24 release notes state it: “supports some of the advanced functionality available in the latest ARKit release, including People Occlusion as well as 2D, 3D, and LiveLink Motion Capture.”

Other features like collaborative sessions are missing, probably won’t come soon, since epic never fully implemented multipeer connectivity in the ios online subsystem.
I wish epic would not make these announcements and set the plugin status to what it really is: an unfinished Alpha version.

Even if one has the time to experiment with the given functions for ARKit in UE4, every release so far has been buggy (camera passthrough material, crashes when starting certains session types and so on…). Currently a screen tearing bug, that makes it unusable for production.

Yes same experience, it’s a mess and there is no communication with the community, no roadmap, no documentation.
ARCore users on Android have similar problems and that plugin is also outdated and broken.