AR Objects in the the real world based upon gps location?

Has anyone worked on saving geo locations of objects dropped based upon the mobile location. I want to do some tests where I have an inventory of items and drop them outside in my local area, and then others with the app could see them in that location and pick them up.

This is just a basic simple example which If I can get working will expand into the game idea I have.

A few things I realize, would be needing to store the id of the object dropped and its gps location in a database, which then users that launch the app would need to do some sort of geo db query. Mongo DB uses $near with along with a min and max distance param to get data back.

Also accuracy would be not that great so you couldn’t really just drop an item with pin point accuracy on a bench outside and when users see it, it would be right on the bench where the user left it. I’m assuming for cases like this items should just float in the air…

Any thoughts suggestions?


ARCore 1.2 comes with ‘cloud anchors’ which would be an easier way to do what you are explaining there I guess:

ARKit is getting something similar in v2 as well.

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Nice, ill have into that… ARKit 2 has a shared exp type of system, not sure though how they are doing it, most of the demos I saw where inside, and they probably create some sort of blutooth connection between devices to provide location…

I know Unreal has the ability on the iPhone to enable location detection… just need to figure out how to store that with the objects location and save that to a mongo db… then when the user launches the app it queries the db for give me anything $near lat/long with min/max distance… then display that… however items could be stick in trees etc…

You can get location on andoid too. I hope we get some info soon, how to spawn object in AR to a lat/long position.

Is there any update on how to spawn objects based on GPS location yet?

ALso interested and it’s 3 years later and Unreal 5 now…

From the little I’ve seen UE5 dosn’t have the best AR support currently but should change at some point.

As for GPS locations, I’ve built and released an app both on Android and iOS that uses GPS in conjunction with AR at the same time that used latitude and longitude and created squared off locations in the real world using the GPS coordinates.

I did not use shared experience/AR sessions since in order to complete the project within our timeline I didn’t take the time to learn or develop using saved “item drops”

Thanks for your reply. Did you make that app in Unreal?

Yes, it was using Unreal. The method worked in 4.25 through 4.27 last I checked

Awesome, I really need to make something like that, are there any tutorials or learning spots you can direct me to for the bits and bobs that you used please? My business got killed off because of Covid and the only thing left I can do is a make a digital version of basically a treasure hunt style experience with AR. The documentation for something like this is sooooo limited! :frowning:

We did this for iPhone a few years ago, you can get the app from the AppStore it’s called “Illusions AR”. I still create experiments for it, as we built our own CloudAR, and tools for UE4.