Apply decal to actors with certain material

Is there any way to do this?
For example I have a movable actor and some of it’s mesh with certain material need to be showing a decal. And only on it. Decal is static, not moving with the actor. And let to other near actors possibility to receive another decals.

You can attach the decal to the actor, or you can put the decal and the actor in a blueprint, and move that.

Thanks, no I mean decal is need to be static.

You can add it as a decal component and on construction use the detach from component node with settings to keep world to have it stay in place.

Though I’m not sure if you can limit a decal to just 1 material (you can turn it off for specific meshes)

Maybe a render target texture for that certain material with absolute world space would be a better choice?

You Need to check the “use Local space”

What do you mean? Could you be please more informative?

I guess I didn’t define it clearly. The main question is in the tittle: is it possible to apply decal only to certain material?

This is what I tried to do. Static decal with message that projects on moving screen only.
I made this with World Aligned Texture, but I like to know how to do the same with decal.

On the decals you don’t want to be received by all actors, you can use custom depth and stencil to solve this issue. Then, enable custom depth on your actor and select the appropriate stencil value. I encountered the same problem, and this is how I solved it.