Apply Additive Layer?

Hello everybody, I was trying to create Aim Offset Animations through Bone Transformation.
When I do the transformations, add a key I can’t seem to apply it. In UE4 there is a button as “Apply additive Layer Tracks to Runtime Animation Data” but I couldnt find it on UE5. Any help?
Thanks in advance

I haven’t found it either and couldn’t find any information. However I worked around it.
I imported my character form the source file to UE4.26, modified all the animations there and migrated the character with animations to my UE5 project
Hope it helps


Don’t find nothing also …
Do Epic can give some lighting about this ?
Bringing back the animations in UE4 just to apply additive layer tracks seem definitely a not a wanted solution to me.


It’s very necessary to me
I can’t find any solution
Please help



How did you do that exaclty ? Because when I import my modified animation from ue4 to ue5 it removes the additive animation layer



This post describe a turn around …

It is not ideal, but is better than nothing, waiting time that Epic take care of this problem.

I just keep my skeletal mesh as an FBX (I make my characters in Blender), I also keep my unchanged animations stores as FBXes so I just go back to the source and import my character and animation to UE4 and make my changes there.
However the workaround above seems much better

You can create as a separate animation assets.

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