Animation Additive Layer Tracks Not Working?

Anyone experiencing the same thing ?

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Having the exact same problem.


Also having the same problem.

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Figured it out. In UE5, “Additive Settings” now defaults to “No Additive”

Go into the Asset Details and change it to Local or Mesh and it should start working.

Edit: Be warned that “mesh” doesn’t work with sequencer.

Same truble. Really don’t know what to do with that issue:(

it’s strange, but my mesh just dissaper on animation (when game running), when i change it Addtive to Mesh or local

I have a solution to this question. Apparently, by default, layers are disabled and you can’t turn them on. Solution - after editing the animation, go to the menu create asset - create animation - current animation-preview mesh. This way you will create an already fixed animation without layer and everything will work as it should.

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Thanks for you solution!
Of course, it’s little bit uncomfortable, because you need to create new animation each time if you want to see changes in game.