Apple's VR Tech and ILM's Demo from WWDC - June 8th - Live from Epic HQ


At WWDC, Apple surprised the whole industry by revealing a visionary and wide-reaching set of AR and VR technologies, demonstrated live with film-quality content created by industry luminaries using Unreal Engine 4. Epic’s tools programmer was backstage building the scene live as talked, using the Content Browser to add terrain, TIE fighters, and other components of the Sequencer-based action scene. The demo culminated with the entrance of Darth Vader on the virtual set. Lauren is joining the stream as our special guest to talk about the experience and what new features you can look forward to.

Also, we’ll be introducing , the new Unreal Engine community manager!

Thursday, June 8th @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]



  • Tools Programmer - )
  • Community Manager - )

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I love when you get your devs to talk about your VR demo!
Nice to hear from Lauren once more

I am super excited for this stream. :smiley:

I have a few questions though -

  1. Is Epic working on a cross platform AR framework?
  2. What game genre’s are you most looking forward too coming to AR?

Did Apple ever confirm the VR? They like to keep things very hidden so I don’t think that they’d reveal it so early

They confirmed Steam VR would be coming to Mac at WWDC 2017 :slight_smile:

I’m super excited about ARKit :cool:

Nice to see UE4 highlighted so much. This new Imac is going to be expensive. Wingnut is going to sell like crazy. These devs just got the best PR ever.

ARKit looks sweet! Kind of sad that iMac pro is going to cost 5k. I wonder if the external graphics for the macbook pros is going a viable option with VR and UE.

ARKit from what I understand is just a table / surface tracker.

I could be wrong on this as I am getting my info from a tweet.

Yes I’m very confident it will be. Not just for macbook pro’s either, any mac with thunderbolt 3 so I am getting a non-pro imac to use with external gpu. People already got this sort of thing working but Apple officially supporting it gives me the confidence to go ahead.

Does that mean we’ll get some AR features soon-ish, in-engine? It’s a pain to get 3rd party libraries like OpenCV/ARToolkit integrated, and even then you’re not guaranteed to get something useful out of it on most (Android) devices (and versions).

wher to find more tech info on this?
specialy about material, light effects that will work on this?