APEX clothes export failure


I am trying to make a cape for my player. I created a mesh under blender, added an armature and exported in fbx. I imported this fbx to APEX clothes to make give it the animation and exporting it in .apx.
Everything worked fine until I imported it into UE4.
I imported the .fbx as a skeletal mesh and added the .apx to it, and here is what I get :

Here is the original mesh :

Someone knows what to do to fix this ?
Thanks !

Nobody knows ? :frowning:

Ok I finally figured it out. It is actually a metric problem betwee, Blender and APEX clothing.

To solve it, go to blender, select all your objects and go to the scene properties. Set the units parameter to Metric and scale it down to 0.01. Now enjoy :slight_smile: