AO textures are looking blocky. Any ideas?


I’m having a few issues with AO made in Mudbox, to the UE.

Here’s my normal workflow.

I make a mesh in Blender, at a low poly level.

Port it over to Mudbox, subdivideADD UV MAPS IN MUDBOX This may be my issue?

Paint, and extract DIFFUSE, NORMAL, and AO maps for use in UE4.

Extract my model in MAX, extract from max to .FBX

Put model and DIFFUSE, NORMAL/AO maps into UE4.

This is the final result.


Are you sure it is the AO map causing this and not the normal map? Can you post a screenshot with diffuse and normal only as well please?

Hey Jacky! Thanks for the reply! I certainly can!

I am also exhibiting the issue on my other mudbox test models.

EDIT: I have forgotten to point it out, but the sharp shadow in the middle of the screen on Normal and AO

I would say its never a good idea to layout your uvs with so many breaks. You should try to keep as much together as possible. You have a very strange uv layout. Aside from that, make sure you extend the color past the uv because when mip maps use lower res versions they will blue between whats inside and outside of the uv because lower resolution… so extend the color.