AO appears as camera moves

Its hard to see from these successive stills, but as the camera pans in sequencer - what I’m assuming to be AO writes itself on the newly appearing edges at the edge of the frame. I’ve turned off AO culling and played with the bounds, but to no effect.
Its a subtle effect - but is annoying the heck out of me.

Please advise.

Is this baked AO? or are you working with ScreenspaceAO?
Additionally are you working with Distancefields and a dynamic skylight?

Hi Unearthlywhales - thank you for responding so quickly.
It’s not baked AO, just SSAO.
Actually there is no Skylight in the scene, just an illuminated Sky-sphere with and HDRI Cubemap and a few static point lights.

Gotcha, not sure if there are specific console commands in regards to the SSAO but I’d advise you to use the baked AO instead of SSAO if you want to avoid that.

If you are baking lights it could also have something to do with your lightmaps and their padding/layout, but it is hard to tell without seeing the moving pictures to see exactly what is going on tbh.

Turned on Use AO in World settings, which I believe bakes the AO with the lighting - but this had no effect. Don’t really want to have to go back to the 3D program to bake AO maps for the scene.
The only solution I can easily see is to shoot wider and then crop in!
Tried adding a cropped video - but this system won’t let me!!!

Anyway - thanks for your help.

Finally used my brain and copied a short video of the problem to Wetransfer, if you wish to take a look.

That is very strange. I do think it is SSAO since it happens on parts that are offscreen first and are on screen in the next frame.

Did you also try turning off SSAO to see if that is the cause of the problem? Like turn it of and do a render at a smaller resolution to get a quick one out.

The baked AO should work fine. You should try and get a good setting done for it in a new scene with like 3 assets or something to minimize the bake times and figure out proper settings and then implement those settings in your level.

Do you have any other PostProcess settings that might influence this, maybe SSR? You are not using Raytracing or anything like that right?