Any way to add a button to Details panel for a blueprint and have it trigger an event/call a method?

Here’s my original question:

I’m setting up some lighting rigs in Blueprints and I want to easily be able to change a few settings of every light in the level so that lights contribute to r.DiffuseFromCaptures irradiance. What I’d like to be able to do is call a method in my main control blueprint that broadcasts to every light in the level to get ready for captures to be updated, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to do this.

Now, I’ve figured out how to do this already, so please don’t answer unless you have something more to add. What you gotta do if you’re setting up this sort of thing is add a custom event for your control blueprint using the context menu in the event graph. Then, click the node for the custom event and check “Call in Editor” in the node properties. Compile the blueprint, then back in the editor select the actor. At the bottom you’ll see “Blutitlities.” Select the custom event of your choice from the dropdown and run it. In my case I have the event call a function that gets a list of every actor that implements an interface, and I have it call a method in that interface that switches the light from movable to stationary, which is necessary for the light to contribute to r.DiffuseFromCaptures irradiance.

I am kind of a beginner at Blueprints but I’m really liking what they let you do.