Any good toon shading and outline tutorial recommendation for UE5?

I am looking for tutorial to make toon shading and outline in UE5.

Currently I found several methods, like postprocessing or emissive material (unlit) for the actor.

But all of them have their own cons.

So I am asking do you know any method which you think is the best toon shader in UE?


PS. this may be a side question. Why UE doesn’t have default toon shader? There are many games using UE also use toon shading, like Guilty Gear, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot , Tales of Arise, Sifu, Scarlet Nexus, etc. So I also wonder how they achieve their toon shading works

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Hey there @unreal_toon_learner! Welcome to the community! So I’ll drop you a couple of personal favorites. I personally recommend the material based ones instead of mixing in post processing, because it’s more viable for multiple platforms and (usually) less expensive.

Disclaimer: These links are to external tutorials by members of the community not affiliated with Epic Games. This said, you are liable for anything that occurs beyond this Unreal Engine domain.

Post Processing Based Cel Shading:

Material Based:

A thread where a community member came very close to perfecting a really nice one. Probably better as reference since the pop in for range is less fun. Material-based cel-shading with support for multiple light sources

The engine team has a pretty strong focus on the tech side of things usually, getting extra content in usually comes in as templates. Otherwise many users never end up using or seeing them. I thought one of the old content examples had a cel shaded material, but I could be wrong on that.

Hope this helps and happy creating!

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Hey @unreal_toon_learner! Welcome to the Forums!

To add on just a bit more to @SupportiveEntity, while UE may not have a default toon shader there is also the Unreal Marketplace at your disposal. There are great resources there like:


There are a lot of awesome products put out by the community, so the Marketplace is a great resource to keep in mind as well!


Hi there,

This one is a free toon shader distributed in a previous post:

Actually, UE offers a tutorial for “Stylized Rendering” with a sample project available at Unreal Online Learning below. I am not sure if is exactly the same look you’re looking for.

Here you can download the asset pack:
Stylize Renders with Post Process Materials in UE Online Learning - UE Marketplace (

Hope that helps.