[Free] Effective Anime/Toon Shader For Unreal Engine 4-5

Hello there! This MToon Shader is based on VRM4U Plugin by ruyo, we cleaned the original shader and organized it with modular material functions, now it is easy for custom modifications, no plugins needed to use this shader.

Shader can be used to make models look like stylized Toon. Anime. VRoid. VTuber. Very customizable and works without post-process.

You can download it and use for free, no plugins are needed to use the shaders in your projects, works on UE4.24+ Including 5.0

VRM Shader Only Link - MDC_VRM_Shader_Only.zip - Google Drive
VRM Shader 4.24+ Project Link - MDC_VRM_Shader_Project.zip - Google Drive
(Example VRoid character is included in the project)
VRM4U Plugin by ruyo Link - GitHub - ruyo/VRM4U: Runtime VRM loader for UnrealEngine4
(Free plugin to import and manage VRoid models directly in the engine)

Here is the video demonstration and basic explanation.


Awesome !

gonna playb with it when i have a chance for sure .

thanks for the share <3

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Excellent work, thank you for sharing.

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