Any changes to sky sphere don't take effect

I don’t know if it’s a bug or not but the skyssphere’s star/sun brightness don’t do anything as well as changing the sun height or the directional lights position. Everything is set to movable.

is this like a day/night system you are trying to do?

if you are simply trying to get light or sky changes or stars deselect the directional lighting from the sky sphere leave it set to none and adjust the sun height and you should see it take affect


ok can i see the calculation you got at the moment

for a day and night system just so we can get it working for you let do this go into sky sphere create a variable called time make it editable and expose on spawn and then a function called update time and the follow my 2 screen shots then when your done go to your game editor view and click on the sky and you will see the time variable move it and it will work flawlessly

the plus 0.05 is just for my debugging purposes find out what suits you i would do something slower

Defaults haven’t changed anything. I wanted to move the sun to -1 so it would be dark and I was gonna work on adding a moon and stuff.

Yup yup yup

Ok I answered it for you try it and get back with me

This worked thanks!