Any advice on achieving engine glow effect?

Hi, I’ve done some searching through the forums with no luck finding any advice on how to achieve an effect that resembles this.


Now, I understand particle effects can achieve something similar but they involve a lot of movement and the particles are too large. Would it be better to use an emissive translucent material on top of a static mesh? If so would there be a way to increase and decrease the size depending on the amount of throttle?

Relatively knew to ue4 but learning a lot everyday. If you know of a thread that addresses a problem similar to this that’d be great too. Thanks!

You can use simple unlit translucent material for that.

Check “Engine Volumetrics” folder in Engine Content for few examples.

Virtus has this tutorial on styling a pickup item that he makes glow in the materials. So you would have to add a thin pipe like area around a mesh to get an effect similar to that. Im not sure if someone has a fog effect added to that for effects though.
This content is currently on sale. This Dev creates tons of particle effects, and tutorials. I believe there are 300+ particle effects.