Antialiasing touble in Lumen UE5

Hi there, I’m pretty new to unreal engine, I’m basically a traditional rendering user, coming from 3ds max and Vray. I was always afraid of all the additional stuff to do for using real-time engine but Lumen revolution made me curious and there I am.
I’m doing some tests on interiors I usually made, in details: datasmith export, lumen lighting and export with movie render queue plus antialiasing.
As I said I’m pretty new to Unreal and I discover tons of new optimizations and settings every time I search on the net, but I didn’t found a solution that solve my issue. As told in the topic title seems that anti-aliasing break up the global illumination creating flickering and splotches as you can see in the uploaded video especially on the floor under the chairs and on the curtain. Is it a limitation of Lumen?Is my scene too complex to manage real time light? Am I loosing some optimizations and settings?
Thanks for your help

Anti Aliasind OFF

Anti Aliasing ON 1-64

Anti Aliasing Settings

Consolle Variables

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