Answerhub Login issue - An Internal Server Error has occurred

I’m not able to identify any issue with your account. I see you were previously able to successfully log in a few months ago.

There may be another issue with the service that I unfortunately cannot assist with.

I’m getting the same problem, and it sounds as though it’s related to the server or provider. Some technical errors with web sites aren’t defined, and produce a page that is rather generic such as the one in the image above saying ‘Internal error’. It could be due to updates to the browsers not being compatible with the settings or setup of the AnswerHub system. But it’s not as likely as a server or other, more networking specific issue.

Hi presto.

I regret that I cannot identify any issue with your account which is resulting in the problem you are facing. I do agree with your sentiment that it is potentially caused by a server error.

We are, fortunately, migrating away from the Answerhub soon.


Looks like I’m getting the same problem. Cleared the cache, coockies, tried other browser and pc, but the problem persist.

Effective today, the UE Answerhub website is now in READ-ONLY mode as we migrate away from the Answerhub platform and over to these forums in the new Q&A section.

More information is available here: Answerhub-migrating-to-the-Unreal-Engine-forums

There is no longer a need to investigate/resolve account issues that occurred on the Answerhub platform, and this topic is being closed.