[Animation Retarget] Feets won't animate


I’m just starting to use UE5 (and Unreal /Game Dev ) so I may miss something basic.

I have followed this tutorial to retarget animation (mixamo to Quinn) in the 3rd person template.

I’ve modified the Event Graph of the 3rd Person Character Template to check the direction of the input axis to decide wheter it should play the run animation, the inverted run animation or the two imported mixamo animations (In place) which are strafing animations.

I encountered two problems:

  1. The mixamo animation is previewing correctly in the IKRetargeter on Quinn but when I play the game, everything animate but the feets. The retarget chains visual representation match though, I tried to go from legs to feet, or leg to ball on both side but it doesn’t change anything.

  2. The run/walk blendspace doesn’t work anymore. I didn’t find a way to debug this, adding “Watch value” to the groundspeed does not give me any informations about the state of this variables, it’s the same everywhere when a BP is simulating I don’t see state changes in the animation graph for example, it stays on idle.
    (The animation state modifications have been done on the Manny ABP (Quinn’s APB inherit from it))

May be a dupplicate of