Animated hands for VR

Hi everyone!
We are developing a VR project for an important Italian museum, and we’ve a problem to implement rigged and animated hands like oculus rift hands. Do you know where can find hands already rigged and animated for unreal engine 4.17?
Thank you very much for the help.

Ciao Alessandro,

what is your problem with the hands exactly? Maybe we can try to solve that one first.

By the way, the Oculus Hands for UE4 are available as part of the Oculus branch on Github here:

Interestingly enough the Content of this sample is missing from the 4.18 branch, so you need to revert to the 4.17 as per my link above.

This article describes how to use/implement them:

There are also some resources available on the Marketplace (for example Hands for VR: Basic in Props - UE Marketplace) but it depends if you need just rigged hands, rigged and animated or rigged, animated and already integrated in a VR experience.

It is also important to understand which kind of interaction you want to implement since different interaction models may require different capabilities for the hands (e.g. grabbing objects, pointing, etc.)

Happy to help further if you need. Since you are working for an Italian museum I kind of feel already committed to it! :wink:


Hi Marco, the Github link seems have 404 error problem. I have already registered and signed in, but still got the error. Even I went to Oculus-VR page, there was nothing there. Can you open the link?


It works for me. You need a GitHub Epic Account to access it. Do you have one or did you just register to GitHub as individual?

It works now. Because Oculus on GitHub is private, so I got invitation and activated. Thanks so much Marco!

Hi Marco,

Now my question is that on GitHub, is there anyway to download the entire folder of “Hand example”? I could not find a button except for “View Raw” that you can only download 1 file at the time.

Sorry I am too new to the Unreal engine. Just started with no coding background. Anyway, I am looking for the solution about animated hand for First Person template with VR in Unreal as well. I tried to migrate the VR template hand to the First Person template, but I could not get it to work. Tried using Skeleton Mesh with animated hand from VR template but, I am stuck on integrate “MotionControllerPawn” blueprint to the “pawn” I created in First Person template.

Basically the goal is to use thumbstick for the movement instead of teleportation and keep the hand function for VR development. For example, the hand can grab things, and can grip when triggering the motion controller button. I failed to add the motion controller keys to VR template. Tried so many different ways and nothing worked. Then I started trying to get the animated hand from VR template to integrate with First Person template, this way, I was thinking at least the thumbstick function would work. Indeed, the movement works with thumbstick in VR now, but the hand feels like dead.

Then, I was researching some tutorials and saw this post, it is exactly the problem I am having!

I really appreciate for your time. I have been stuck here for several weeks and feeling hopeless, and I cannot find any relevant tutorials or solutions online.



@shineoooo My post #8 here is a step by step tutorial on how to add thumbstick based locomotion to the standard VR template. Have a look at the whole thread and see if you spot the issue in your implementation.…th-touch-issue

Regarding Github, you cannot download a single folder from the web interface, however if you Google “github folder download” you will find some online services that offer this opportunity. Otherwise PM me and I will send you just the zipped handsdemo folder.

While this is a bit shameless promotion, I’ve released UVRF template that has hands that are properly positioned and animated > UVRF 2.0 - framework that solves locomotion, grabs, world interaction, text and number inputs. - VR and AR Development - Unreal Engine Forums < So feel free to use mine :slight_smile:

Thank you so much guys! I will try out first! I really appreciate for the help!

Thank you very much for the help, It was exactly what I needed!