Angle culling shader broken in 4.16


I ran into a problem when upgrading to 4.16, my foliage master shaders angle based culling seems to no longer work all of a sudden so I was wondering if someone has some information regarding the updates in 4.16, has anything been changed shader wise that would cause the culling approach I’m using to fail with the new version?

Below is what I have used to cull 90 degree angle foliage cards that are facing the player to get rid of unwanted lines of polygons based on the viewers angle.

I’ve been using this with great success since 4.14 but now in the latest one the whole tree tends to get culled away instead of just the desired planes.

The power node is controlling the threshold of the culling and in the end its multiplied with the foliage alpha.
Any tips or information would be greatly appreciated!


There was a power node change in 4.16. Try adding Abs material expression for Base input.

That did the trick, thanks! Must have missed that when I skimmed through the update notes