Android shadows error

Please, help

The project is packaged under the android, but shadows green and light purple

I installed via apk on Explay 4game

Couple of things to try:

  1. It shows “Lighting needs to be rebuilt”, so make sure to do that before packaging. Just click the Build button in the editor.

  2. Turn off Mobile HDR in Project Settings ➔ Engine ➔ Rendering ➔ Mobile.

  3. Set you Skylight to Static.

  4. Set you Directional light to Static.

  5. Replace your sky blueprint with a Static sky sphere mesh with a simple texture on it. Make sure the sky is further away than the Sky Distance Threshold in the SkyLight.

  6. Try it with only fully rough non metallic materials. You can force this in Project Settings ➔ Platforms ➔ Android ES2 Quality ➔ Forward Rendering Overrides.

  7. Make sure to build lighting after changing any settings.

When all this is done and working you can disabled all the overrides from step 6. My best guess would be it has something to do with Mobile HDR or Lighting not being static. You can’t use these on low end devices.

Thank you, your advice helped!)