Anamorphic Lens flares?

Hi, with the lens flare actor gone, I was wondering how can I get a targeted anamorphic flare effect?
I tried building one using material billboards in the blueprint editor but I can’t get it to render on top of everything when visible and disappear when occluded.

What’s the new way of doing things?

Thank you for your help.

Got most of it working now, is there a way to get a billboard to draw on top of everything if the bounds pivot is visible and fade away when it gets occluded?

Can this be done with blueprints?
I’m stuck :frowning:

If you wanted to manually do this in a blueprint you could enable []disable depth test on the material, that would make it draw always, then use the blueprint to control the opacity of the material, you would do a ray cast from the camera to the object and see if you intersected anything. This is a pretty hacky way of doing it though :slight_smile: You may be better off with particles.

Awesome, thank you for your reply :slight_smile:
I’m absolutely horrible at anything scripting so I will need to hit the documentation hard to figure out how to do what you suggested. I’ll also look into particles.