An evade system like World of Warcraft possible?

Hi. I was just wondering if an AI “evade” system like in World of Warcraft is possible to be made with blueprints. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, in WoW, basically when the AI cannot reach the player it cannot be damaged. This fixes a lot of unfair stuff in the game - for example if you get somewhere the AI cannot reach, you cannot damage the AI, and it basically regens health.

Regenerating the health is pretty easy but I was wondering, how can I check if the AI cannot navigate to a specific point which the player is in? Is there any method to do this? I’d really appreciate any help on this subject, since this is gamebreaking for my current project I’m working on! Thanks.

WoW’s evade system explained: (Wowpedia)
Evade is an NPC-exclusive avoidance mechanic. It is triggered when an attacking mob is unable to reach its target (due to terrain limitations for example). Its purpose is to discourage exploitation of terrain versus an enemy. When a mob is in evade mode, it becomes immune to any and all attacks and spells from every player, and will regenerate health as though it was out of combat.

Reference video to the issue I have:

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Look into navigation mesh:

And the nodes that work with it.


Hey this is perfect. Appreciate the insight! But how would I go about this within the behavior tree? All of my AI is built with it.

I learned something new.

See, there are few things I literally never touched in UE4… and Behaviour Trees is one of them. Never found the time / need to explore it, only ever needed the most basic nodes stuff. Wish I could help.

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I don’t do much with AI, but you can check if it reach the player with


Haha fun thread. Thanks guys for the answers, much appreciated!

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OK so I have looked a bit more into this and it seems like I need to use EQS to achieve what I want, however it’s a little complicated to understand and execute. Anyone experienced with EQS? I’d appreciate a helping hand! :smile:

Not me, I’m afraid. Might be good to do a fresh post :smiley:

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