Check if AI can't reach target

So, I’m creating an artificial intelligence character. He can detect, follow and attack me if, naturally, I’m in a navmesh.

As you can see, there is a void between the player (grey) and the AI (orange).
Now, I want the AI to stop trying to move toward me if the void separates us, so I check if he can’t reach me. I know I can use either AIMoveTo’s “On Fail” exec or HasPartialPath, but…

“On Fail” only gets triggered if I’m not in a navmesh, so, it would only work if it was like this.

If I’m in a navmesh, no matter if the AI can’t actually reach the destination, it will say the path will succeed.
What I want the AI to do is, no matter if I’m in a navmesh or not, check if it can’t reach the destination.
How should I do this?

Sorry dude I don’t know how to help o may some day but tell then look for a tutorial!

You may be able to see if the AI can move by using the EPathFollowingResult
It should tell you if the path is blocked, off path, invalid etc.

Wow, thank you so much!