Ambient occlusion behavior with movable lights

Can you post some screenshots please?

Hello all:

I’ve been messing around with light sources in a room with no static lighting and I found out that when I set a point light or a spot light to Movable and I disable Cast Shadows, there is ambient occlusion (I guess it is SSAO but for my purposes it doesn’t really matter), but when I enable Cast Shadows there is no ambient occlusion at all.

Something similar happens when enabling/disabling light functions on a Spot Light.

Is this the intended behavior? Is there a way to get shadows and at the same time ambient occlusion/light functions working on a movable light?


EDIT: Added screenshots. The setup is a Movable point light with default settings unless otherwise stated.

With “Cast Shadows” disabled shows AO.

With “Cast Shadows” enabled there is no AO.

@Jacky Sorry for the delay. I’ll post some screenshots shortly.

I have added a couple of screenshots to my original post.

I made a quick video to demonstrate AO in your scene. AO is always present to one degree or another within your project. The only way to disable this completely is to go to Project Settings > Rendering, and in that section there is a checkbox to allow AO. You can uncheck this box in order to turn off AO within your project.

I like to use a post processing volume in order to manipulate and control the AO influence in my project. There are other ways to do this but I like this the most because I have one node to influence a range of effects.

Link to a quick video demonstrating my PP volume and AO.

So depending on the radius of your AO it may not be as noticeable while the attenuation of your light is greater than that of the walls.

Thanks for your answer, . Just to be clear, all other settings for the point light and for postprocessing volumes remain unchanged between the two screenshots posted. The ony thing that changes is enabling/disabling “Cast Shadows”. In particular the attenuation radius is unchanged, and yet there is a dramatic change in AO between the screenshots.

Is what’s shown in my screenshots the intended behavior then? Is “Cast Shadows” enabled for the point light in your video demo?

Ah, right. It’s just that in the video there can be seen only changes to AO. Is there a reason then why, with all other settings being equal, there is such a dramatic change in AO when enabling/disabling “Cast Shadows”? (In my case, of course)

Yes it is. I was toggling on and off the cast shadows for the point light.