Ambient Lighting Help

I have set the skylight to stationary, and directional light to moveable.
anything mesh looks good to me but these blankets, it didn’t seem to pick up any light. it is really dark.
I am new in ue4, can anybody help? thanks

Hello johnnyhulolo,

Try setting your ‘Skylight’ to ‘Movable’ as well as unchecking the box that says ‘Lower Hemisphere is Black’. If you would like to keep your skylight actor stationary, try just unchecking the setting mentioned to see if that fixes the issue. When you do this, the ambient lighting in your scene will change, so you might need to change a few things afterwards. Let me know if this was a viable solution or if you have further questions.


Hi Andrew
Thanks for the reply.
After I changed the skylight to moveable, it fixed the dark blanket. However, like you said the ambient light look odd (looks like they are moving). also, the corner ambient lines are not the straight.

I forgot to mention, the directional sun are set to moveable as well.
As there another ways?

PS I also set the blankets and bed cover to moveable as well, and no matter how dark the room was, they were really bright, doesn’t look realistic

Hey Johnny,

Set the blanket back to 'Static’unless it is going to move at some point. Turn down the intensity of your ‘Skylight’ and set it back to ‘Stationary’. Depending on how you want your scene to look there are multiple ways to brighten a level. Try toggling between ‘Lower Hemisphere is Black’ on your skylight actor and the ‘Cast Shadows’ option.

Check and uncheck these to see what gives you the results you desire. You can also go into your ‘World Settings’ and change the ‘Environment Color’ to white instead of black. All of these places help control the amount of color as well as the brightness of your scene. If you still cannot get your lighting to look correctly, take a look at our documentation pages for tips on lighting your scene using ‘Directional Lights’.

Directional Light


Hey Andrew.

Thank you for the tip. I twisted around the setting that you directed. I works well. I think I have achieved the quality of the lighting I like.
Thank you.