Alpha image on top of everything

Hey everybody,

Is there a way to add an image with alpha on top of my whole render, without having it affect the scene?

Until now everything I tried was resulting in reflections / shadows / etc

I am trying to add sort of a watermark, but don’t want it to interact with the scene at all.

Thank you very much in advance


Simple quick way would be to overlay a full screen UMG (or whatever) HUD element with the watermark.

Or in C++ in HUD::DrawHUD() use DrawTexture() to draw the watermark texture somewhere.

Why don’t you create and add a widget with your image?

On import the image, be sure you are not ignoring alpha channel and set compression type to User Interface (UI)

Also make sure your image in the widget canvas is achored to fullscreen with 0 offset (margins) and you’re done.

I managed to add it via the Widget method,
However - I am outputting my viewport via Spout to another software.

The widget shows up in the UE viewport, but not in the output one.

Any idea why?

This is my Blueprint for adding the widget: