AllowClientSideNavigation not working with Dynamic Navigation Mesh

When I select “Allow Client Side Navigation” on a project that has a dynamic navigation mesh, the client’s nav mesh does not seem to be getting updated from the server.

I am basing this on the results of the FindPathToLocationSynchronously that I am calling on the client. The results never change to reflect an object (another player, all pawns have CanAffectNavigationGeneration = true) moving and blocking it’s path. The process works fine on the server, just not on the client.

Right now my alternative is to make an RPC to call FindPathToLocationSync on the server and return the results over the wire. I’d really rather not do that if possible.

The only settings I’ve made are to allow client side nav, set the mesh to dynamic, and enable pawns to affect nav gen. Maybe I’m missing something else?