Allow us to download plugins even if we can't "Install" them.

Just bought a Plugin on Marketplace that is updated to version 4.20. I only have 4.21 installed on my machine.

To download the plugin, I have to install 4.20 first, download the plugin, copy it somewhere on my PC so I can adapt it myself for 4.21, and then delete 4.20. Pretty annoying from a UX standpoint.


Probably unintended but it behaves like DRM in nature so its unhelpful…
Dear Epic, Here’s a few more reasons to consider why its a bad idea…

Bump. Been ~3 years and we still can’t do this.

I work with source engine builds more than launcher builds now. It’s frustrating having to download the entire engine, just so I can copy-paste the plugin into a source build, then uninstall it.

PLEASE Epic - Provide a “Download” option for plugins and content, do not require us to have the required engine installed. This is utterly infuriating UX.



@SkyeEden Ever hear anything back from the teams here?

Someone has probably figured out a way to get around this as the Launcher != smart. The hack for installing asset packs is to create dummy folders with *.uproject files for every engine version. :wink: So searching for markers the Launcher uses using SysInternals is probably on - think Manifest-files / Reg-keys / File ‘exists’. :thinking: That’d still take some time investment though, and the problem is - the very next Launcher update could break it all!

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+1 from me as well. I just recently went through the process of installing a launcher version, only to be able to download marketplace plugins and then copy them to my source version of the engine.