Allow us to download plugins even if we can't "Install" them

Just bought a Plugin on Marketplace that is updated to version 4.20. I only have 4.21 installed on my machine.

To download the plugin, I have to install 4.20 first, download the plugin, copy it somewhere on my PC so I can adapt it myself for 4.21, and then delete 4.20. Pretty annoying from a UX standpoint.



Probably unintended but it behaves like DRM in nature so its unhelpful…
Dear Epic, Here’s a few more reasons to consider why its a bad idea…

Bump. Been ~3 years and we still can’t do this.

I work with source engine builds more than launcher builds now. It’s frustrating having to download the entire engine, just so I can copy-paste the plugin into a source build, then uninstall it.

PLEASE Epic - Provide a “Download” option for plugins and content, do not require us to have the required engine installed. This is utterly infuriating UX.



@SkyeEden Ever hear anything back from the teams here?

Someone has probably figured out a way to get around this as the Launcher != smart. The hack for installing asset packs is to create dummy folders with *.uproject files for every engine version. :wink: So searching for markers the Launcher uses using SysInternals is probably on - think Manifest-files / Reg-keys / File ‘exists’. :thinking: That’d still take some time investment though, and the problem is - the very next Launcher update could break it all!

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+1 from me as well. I just recently went through the process of installing a launcher version, only to be able to download marketplace plugins and then copy them to my source version of the engine.

+1 on this, its been years but hopefully this can be changed at some point.

Having to download 2 engines (~12gb in total) on a 20mb/s connection, to download two plugins that are probably less than 50mb in total is incredibly frustrating.

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Its been almost a decade since this was first requested. :confounded: The Launcher is the weakest part of Unreal Engine overall. So overall you’ve got to feel for Admins everywhere. Especially those at universities or at locked down corporations. Its a key example of where building from source doesn’t and won’t ever actually replace the Launcher, and so therefore isn’t the solution either!

Seriously, how can Epic be so blind on this? Is it because no one or very few at Epic internally ever have to use the Launcher - is that it maybe? :stuck_out_tongue: Whenever someone asks me if they should learn Unreal, I tend to steer them away to other engines first like Godot, just because of gotchas like this. :face_vomiting: But it doesn’t have to be that way… Please Epic help fix or improve the Launcher. :crossed_fingers:

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epic games launcher really is the worst launcher in existence.

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Epic Games boys, how many centuries should we wait for a such simple feature?

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