Let us install plugins from launcher for source builds

The UE4 market place lets us download and install plugins for engine versions it recognizes as being installed. If we download the engine source from github and build it, the launcher doesn’t realize we have the engine installed. Since it doesn’t recognize the engine, we can’t download plugins to install for that version of the engine. It would be really nice if we could let the launcher know about source builds and the version number of the build so that we could download and install plugins against it. I’m happy to take the risk of plugin incompatibility with a modified source build and any errors or instability it causes, and wouldn’t expect support for it.


Now this is a feature request I can get behind. Pretty please with sugar on t op - let us download stuff without having the engine installed.


Yes, it’s strange having to install a redundant, binary version of the engine just to install and move plugins…

+1… Few more aspects / justifications here


+1. This makes no sense.

+1. I totally agree that this would be a welcome feature.

Resurrecting this as it’s still not available and forcing multiple gb downloads of useless binaries for plugins seems moot.

Agreed. They really need to think about getting this sorted. Its counter intuitive to their claimed goals of making UE more open source. Almost feels like they want it to be as difficult as possible.

Why is this still not a thing

Should make a notice saying not all plugins may function correctly if using a modified version engine or what not and make it so much easier

+1 lets hope they can implement it.

Any news on this?

When we “add a plugin to the engine” via launcher :
• Given a 4.26 up to date plugin
• If i add it to 4.25.X engine for example, will it download the 4.25 version of plugin ? Or the 4.26 one (which includes 4.25 compatibility maybe) ?

Because we want to copy-paste it to a source Engine anyway so can we keep a single launcher Engine installed ?

*At this time the minimal size to download for 4.26 launcher Engine is ~5.76Gb for ~16Gb final Disk space use.

What i can tell about everything i learnt in UE4 is that more that 75% of the UE tech is about optimization so i think it’s just about manpower which isn’t allocated to this one.*

Is this somehow STILL not a thing? Everything is there to install it into the binary build, what is keeping it from being installed into a source build? All i can think of is a registry entry is being used that is set by installing a binary build while the source build doesnt set any registry settings? Give us the window with the drop down to select which engine like when we are telling the project which engine to use…



How is this still not an option? I have to keep 2 editor builds, one eating upwards to 16gb of space just so I can copy/paste folders from it. This should really get some attention from the devs. Heck, even a link to download a zip file is better than nothing.