All translucent materials look posted on the screen in Android Device

Hi, this is an issue only for Android device(I don’t test IOS device). The problem is, in Android device (my SDK version is 23 and Android version is 7.1.1), all of my static mesh with translucent materials look posted on the phone screen.
Here I have some snaps:
My character’s materials are absolutely opaque and materials of glass here are translucent. Rendering in Android looks like these.

Still the opaque character and the translucent materials on the ground here:

This is a translucent frame in the universe:


All of above problems are only in Android. Everything is okay in Unreal Editor. Can anyone helps me where the problem is. Android? Rendering problem? Depth or Post Progress? Or just some setting for materials?

Which device model / GPU? This looks like depth testing isn’t working. Can you post a logcat?

Hey I’m having the same issue, did you manage to fix it?
I’m using unreal engine 4.18 and my device is a Xiaomi MI6 with a qualcomm snapdragon 835 and a GPU Adreno 530.
I’m using vulkan for this build on Miui9 based on android 7.

This is a screnshot of my problem, is similar to yours:

The background is being drawn over the room walls. The same issue occurs with the window crystals.

I’m aslo having same problem when I’m testing with my samsung S7 which is running on android 8. Did you solve the problem?

bump, any solutions?

Hi there.

Fixed a similar issue by ticking “Separate Translucency” in the Rendering settings and ticking “Mobile Separate Translucency” on the translucent material.

Hope this can help.

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