Align Level to Oculus Quest Guardian Area?

Does anybody know if there is a way to align a level to to the Oculus Quest guardian?
Right now my setup needs manual calibration while standing at a fix starting point, looking at a certain direction in my play area.

So every time the app starts it is necessary to re-calibrate the player postion and viewing direction.

As far as I can tell, the oculus quest in theory provides everything for this and and there also a couple of functions for the guardian, they don’t work as expected.
The “play area transform” and “guardian points” only return the transform data relative to the player start, not the actual Oculus guardians…
totally wrong.

Seems to me like a pretty important feature for a lot of games but its not very well documented and there are no tutorials out there……ian/index.html

Would be great if someone could give some advice…


thats what i am basically trying to align… the oculus guardian matches perfectly with the tape on the floor, but the in-game position needs to be calibrated manually…

the black debug text is the transform data from the “get play area transform” but this just returns the position of the player start…

Nobody? :rolleyes:

Ok I found some samples provided by Oculus/Unreal which helped a lot, so if anybody is else looking for help regarding this topic, check these files:…ples/#boundary


There is still one issue I am trying to understand:

I am using the function “Set Tracking Origin / Stage (Centered Around Play Area)” and I’ve drawn the boundaries along a taped-rectangle on the floor (2.0m x 2.5m)
Not matter what I try, sometimes the the unreal level matches exactly my play area and sometimes its rotated by 90° degrees.

Is there anything special I need to consider when setting up a boundaries? My first guess was that the first stroke of the boundary would define the x-axis of the stage, but it seems like this doesn’t have any affect. Same with clockwise/counter clockwise or the edge length of the play area… still random and sometimes it matches, sometimes it doesn’t…

If anyone as an idea why this keeps changing almost randomly, please let me know. :slight_smile:

Hi Fele,
Did you find a solution for this?
I’m stuck at the same point.
Any help will be appreciate!

Which version of Unreal are you on?

I’ve tested this extensively in 4.27 with OpenXR and I haven’t seen the randomness of playspace rotation that you’re experiencing. Take a look at the VR Template in 4.27 for a setup that aligns the virtual floor with Guardian’s floor.

Can anyone help me?
I am using Oculus cuest 2 and when I want to get the location of points from the Get Guardian Points tag (as shown in this link I have all the values at 0 all the time! What am I doing wrong? how to get the coordinates of my grid?