AI Stops moving after some time in Behavior Tree

In the [linked Video here][1] , you can see that the Yeti is still moving normally, but the dogs stop moving over time. Essentially never activating even though the skier moves near it. I have an older backup of this project and the AI dogs move normally, I can’t figure out what the different could be from this one and that. I’m willing to pay for someone to look into it and I can send over the project assets. (i’m sure there are plenty of mistakes in my blueprints )
The gist is, the floor, spawns in as tiles and spawns in the enemies over time and when you get close to the dogs they sense you are within distance and start moving towards you. It seems over time they stop carrying and just stand still.

It seems to get stuck on “random movement” in the behavior tree a lot. So I’m unsure whats going on

Enemy Dog

Dog Ai Controller


Behavior Tree