AI Sight Issue

Evening everyone,

I found a similar thread, but it never got an answer to it, I’ll link it at the bottom, but I was trying to make an AI for a more stealth kind of game, basically don’t get seen at all, and I was initially going to try and make him blind and only able to hear the player, but I hit a snag with that, so I gave him limited sight perception (set at 800 units). Now I hit a strange bug where on the same level, everything sight wise works perfect, but if I’m on the floor above or below the AI (floors are 400 units apart) the AI automatically sees me and begins chasing.

The link at the bottom has a short video in it that shows my exact issue. Any advice would be great to solve that bug, as well as any tips on making the AI not need sight at all (which is preferred in all honestly!)

Hi, well for the video I would guess he set some auto success range (so if the target is closer than this range to the last stimulus it will automagically be perceived) since the video starts at a stimulus age of above 20 sec and it only triggers successfully seen as the player goes close to this last sensed stimulus. So if you have the exact same issue and have some auto success range larger than 0, try to lower it.

I wish I understood anything you said but im a noob so once I start learning AI (working on animation) I might make this game since it would be cool

I know this is old but I’d like to give an update as I was the one who made the original thread. It’s been a while since I looked at my project but what I ended up doing I think it has the enemy line trace to my character and made it only sense IF that linetrace was able to hit. This way, he could technically still see through the walls and floor, but the logic wouldn’t progress because the linetrace was hitting the walls and not getting to the player. It feels a little hacky, but it might work. I’ll have to check that project out again but I’m pretty sure that was my “workaround”