AI Perception seeing through floor

Having a weird issue. I have a sight perception attached to an AI character. It works for the most part, but I do have stairs in my map and when I go down them it triggers the AI’s sensed property.

If I lure the AI to the stairs and then hide out of sight, he’ll go back to his partrolling behavior. I let him leave the room I’m in but as soon as I go back near the stairs he triggers “IsSeen” property even if he’s not facing me and I’m out of range of the vision cone. Its really baffling and I’m not sure how to even debug it. The AI debugger just shows the sight line going through the walls/floor even though they’re set to block all.

The sight through walls doesn’t trigger if I’m on the same level as the AI. Only when I’m below him on the Z axis.

Bumping with a video of the AI acting up. Hoping somebody can help me figure this one out because its very strange