Ai Perception Component - Clients only logic

Hi all.
I am trying to implement client only vision system to get notification on Autonomous_proxy about current visible enemies.
So I’ve implement AI perception component from this tutorial

And it works as expected in editor. But after I build standalone version it looks like I didnt receive Broadcast from OnPerception Updated

This is how I subscrive in
AMyCharacter::BeginPlay() function

void AMyCharacter::EnablePerception()
	LOG_NETWORK(Role, "Enable perception") // my own macros to logging
    PerceptionComponent->OnPerceptionUpdated.AddDynamic(this, &AMyCharacter::OnUpdateVision);

So, in editor this works as expected: I am calling OnUpdateVision every time Perception Updates on Autonomous Proxy only. But
In standalone version it does nothing; I dont receive any call if OnUpdateVision.

I have implement my own less efficient perception by linetracing for this task.