[AI] Multiple Nav Meshes for multiple Agents

Hey there, I have spent a lot of time reading, learning and messing around with AI nav meshes. I currently have two nav meshes set up for 5 AI. I am using a small / medium nav mesh that handles all of my common monsters (radius 70 - 150) as well as a larger nav mesh for my boss monsters (400 radius). No matter what setup and settings I use in the recastnavmesh data I cannot get the both to work correctly. Often it simply is stuck on “Rebuild nav mesh” on startup, even after building the nav mesh. Sometimes if it does work with certain settings, the AI will move to an incorrect position. I am really confused with the last bug as it is not related to my actual AI (works perfectly on a single nav mesh). Everything is running the same except they spaz out and move to an incorrect place. I have changed the settings in the monsters movement capabilities and turned of fbUpdateNavAgentWithOwnersCollision .

I simply cannot fathom why we do not have the ability to associate an agent with a particular recastnavmesh. I cannot debug what is causing the problem. I have tried changing the settings of the capsules, recast nav meshes, movement capabilites as well as recreating the nav mesh and more. Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong?

TLDR: PLEASE make it so I can associate a particular agent with a particular recastnavmesh.

I’m experiencing similar issues when trying to support multiple navmesh agents. Adding more than a single agent seems to cause characters that were once navigating correctly, to move around incorrectly, even if the character’s nav radius matches the original nav agent. This seems like a bug – one that will hopefully be fixed in future updates.

Did you ever find a solution to that problem?