AI "Move To" Node Fails

So everything with my AI is communicating fine, the blueprints hooked up to the Behavior Tree and Blackboard just fine. I created a random location generation with the X and Y coordinates, the map is perfectly flat so I just hardcoded the Z value to the Z value of the AI I placed on the ground. None of the coordinates land in an X and Y value that is inaccessible to the AI. The NAV mesh is showing up in all of the necessary places. However, every time the AI tries to move, it fails.

First I do not know how to build paths unless it’s just rendering the NAV mesh.
Here are some screenshots. Also, it does appear to actively call the “MoveTo” task, but it quickly jumps off of it and back on leading me to believe it has failed with no movement of the AI. Also, in the screenshot you can see I have a task called “WalkTo”, it’s basically the same as “MoveTo”, and it does the same thing when the “MoveTo” is in its place.

It could be caused by a few different things.

  1. Have you tried to “build paths”?
  2. How are you getting / setting the location that you want the AI to move to? Could you show a screenshot?
  3. If you are using Behavior Trees, make sure things are in order. If there is another sequence being called, it could be interfering with your moveTo function.

I’ll include some screenshots when I get home from work tonight, but one of the first things I noticed is that you’re using 3 values on your “set blackboard value as vector”.

You should recombine those pins, and use a node called “get random point in radius”, it’s a lot cleaner, and in my experience generally has less bugs when working with things like this.

Also I can’t see the logic behind the “checkstate” so i dont know what’s in it. But from reading what’s there it looks like it’s running every .4 - .6 seconds.

Also, place some “print strings” in areas where you think it might be failing, so you can see exactly where it’s failing.

Alright, so I tried doing the “get random point in navigable radius” because that was one of the only two things popping up, (I tried the other as well, which was basically the exact same outcome), I had already set up print strings, and made it so that the value could only be set once. Everything appears to execute fine until the AI tries to move.

Hey, so I figured out the issue. Basically what was happening was I was using a pawn which is apparently incompatible with the AI “Move To” node, most likely because it does not have the same movement functions set up, so all I did was move everything from a pawn blueprint to a character blueprint