AI in paper2d responding strangely to Z-Axis


Hello, I have been trying to make a simple patrol path for my paper2d AI character, he is supposed to alternate between two vector points which I set up as public variables so I can edit them to each AI on his own directly in the viewport, Location1 represents the first location to reach and Location2 represents his starting location(BP_Setup image), Location 1 is setup on a higher ledge which can be reached by a staircase, so Location 1 has both X and Z values different from Location 2(VariableValues image)(The AI is originally on Location2), The AI moves to location 1 and even though he reaches it after climbing the staircase(TEST_1 image) the On Success node does not fire - indicating that he has not yet reached it, even though the AI has stopped moving. After some testing, I tried to remove the ledge, so he climbs the staircase then falls to the desired X location but not the desired Z location, however the AI for some reason then initializes the On Success node even though its not the desired value(TEST_2 image + TEST_2m image), can someone help me figure out why this issue is happening?

Thank You!


Variable Values: