AI EQS Navmesh Queries


I’m looking for a way to detect edges of a Nav Mesh through EQS.

Essentially, I have a query (Pathfinding Batch) that is returning pathable areas. I would like to return any areas that do not have an adjacency.

I’m racking my brain to figure this out, are there any ideas? I’m essentially looking for the red circled areas on the picture. HighresScreenshot00000.png

Well, turns out all I needed was about 30 more minutes and a cup of coffee. First picture is my query set, which is comparing overlaps and the opposite of navmesh walkable areas.

In other words, I am taking a simple grid that has no respect to geometry or anything else, and then subtracting anything not in an overlap box. The results are solid with some tweak.

Anyone know how this will pan out?

Hi. This is something I’ve been pondering for awhile as well. I’ve not gotten into the guts of EQS yet and was wondering if you’d please elaborate on the details of your approach?

I’ve got many ideas about using EQS but finding workable examples is difficult!


Now to resurrect this, but here is my quick and easy solution that works in 4.20 (with pictures!).

Okay, the result shows the selection of the areas which was recently asked of me. This is a simple test for pathability and overlap (see the EQS settings).

Hey! Sorry to resurrect this old thread. I’m just trying to use EQS to detect the edges of a NavMesh, just like you. Could you explain how did you manage to achieve this? I’ve read the thread but I guess there are images that are no longer available.