AI and Light issue with level composition

I’m transferring my project from a “single huge level” to a proper compositioned one recently, and i’ve found some issues that i cannot solve, i’ve been looking into it for 4 days now and cannot seem to fix it.

1- The AI will not move at all, i’ve checked the vislog and it’s all running fine except that it keeps failling the move task, the perception works fine as well, but i think it might be a navmesh issue. I am using dynamic navmeshing around invokers (each AI has an invoker, the player has one as well), i triple checked all the settings and they seem normal, the navmesh volumes are in the same sub-levels as the terrain “chunks” and they envelop the terrain chunk size.

2- Lighting wont affect the terrain or actors, all the weather/day cycle systems are in the persistent level, and working nominally, the sun is set to movable and only generates dynamic light(no light baking at all).

3- I’ve set the player start in the “starting region” sub-level and every time i try to play from it, i get spawned under the terrain, no matter how high or where in the sub-level i place it.

4- My building system relies on raycast collision with the terrain to place structures, yet is seems the ray never collides with the terrain and the structure gets spawned at the ray end bellow the terrain.

Thanks in advance, i appreciate any help :heart:

Edit1: I made a whole new project, with no plugins or starter content, and tried to recreate the issues, here are the steps:

  • Made a new level an set its world settings to be the persistent level.
  • Turned invoker navigation on.
  • Added a static light.

  • Made a sub-level and in it, made a new landscape with default settings and fill world on.
  • Made a new navmesh volume enveloping the whole landscape.

  • Setup a simple move to random position for the default tutorialCharacter from engine content.

  • Pressed play and got the same result on the AI, it just wont move, the light works thou.

The hello text was being triggered by the move to random position script.

  • Then just for the heck of it i imported my AI into the project and it didn’t move as well.

Worked perfectly , fixed the navigation and light issues, thank you so very much.:heart:

I web searched for a solution and found this thread:
Navmesh of SubLevel? - Asset Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums

To quote ddvlost’s solution, "To make your setup work, you will need to place Navmesh bounds volume in the Persistent level instead of sub-levels. Delete all Recast actors and navmesh bounds from sub-levels, place navmesh bounds volume in P-level and set ‘Runtime Generation’ on Recast actor to ‘Dynamic’. This way whenever you stream-in or stream-out sub-level navmesh will be regenerated. "

So in this case, placing the navmesh bounds in the persistent level should fix the issue.