AI: all NPCs run to one common location (DEMO PROJECT INCLUDED)

I’m using dynamic navmesh & navigation invokers, but this happens also on a regular, non-dynamic navmesh.
I’ve created a simple demo project that shows the issue:

The behavior tree task tells the AI to move exactly to location of itself + 300 units on X axis, then wait 5 seconds and repeat… But at the start, they all run to one common location (probably a location of one of NPCs) … It looks like the first run of BT task gets the same target location for ALL the NPCs!

… They start to behave correctly after reaching the first target location. It looks like a bug, but maybe I miss something?
… It’s quite cute how they always decide to gather themselves and then run the tasks together, but it’s not really what I want :slight_smile:


… I’ve unchecked the ‘Instance Synced’ on blackboard vector key and now it works ok. I don’t know why it was checked…
Well, not a bug! Solved! :slight_smile: