After Create Empty Level Can't See Grid Anymore in 4.1.0

Engine Version: 4.1.0

Can’t see grid after creating Empty Level in Unreal Engine 4.1.0, if I switch back to Unreal Engine 4.0.2 and create an Empty Level I see the grid like normal. Switching to Unlit Mode in version 4.1.0 doesn’t show any change.

Reproduction Steps:

Create a New Project of Blueprint First Person

Uncheck Include starter content

Click Create Project

Click File/New Level

Click Empty Level

Window is blank…

Attachment List: First picture shows grid showing in Unreal Engine 4.0.2, second picture shows blank window in Unreal Engine 4.1.0

I changed grid scale to either 100 or 50 first to start with, then created a new Empty Level, I then changed the scale to a lower number. NOTE: The editor maintains the grid scale, so if you lowered the grid scale (to such as 10, 5, or 1) and create a new Empty Level you will probably find the same problem as before.

Possible Explanation:
The lines may be very very hard to see, it is even on my 46 inch screen, you can right click rotate the mouse down slowly and see the grid below you. The grid render quality has been increased so the lines appear thinner and shader had either been adjusted or replaced for better performance somewhat like Tim Sweeney said.

I found this on the problem here:

thanks. this worked out well for me.