Advice for Rendering

Hi there!

I’m having enormous trouble successfully rendering small maps in Unreal 4 and I feel I’ve tried everything. I’ve researched quite a lot of guides and videos and had a go at the Realistic Rendering module. Everything is set to Epic Quality too.

I could really do with some advice at this point. I’ve changed the World Settings, I’ve added Bloom, Auto-Exposure and Ambient Occlusion Postprocessing with static and stationary lighting. (The lighting is correctly built & maps have added correctly).

The lighting and rendering just doesn’t look realistic and I’m really not sure what to do at this point.

Any advice would be enormously helpful. Thank you :slight_smile:


Hello elisabethgrey . I can suggest you few tutorials on realistic rendering
Hope you find these useful

Please read this post

Screenshots with your issue would shed some light, but generally, this forum thread is best source of knowledge, related to light baking.

These were really helpful. Thank you very much!

Okay Have a great day elisabethgrey