Advanced Fur Shader

Dosen’t crash on skeletal meshes for me now, but the material only works on meshes with 1 material slot, or only on the first slot… This is a problem.

Are you sure you set that up right? PBR does not use specular.

Hmm. So what would you use to define the specularity of a PBR material if you’re not using the specular?

Looks like the update is out now, thanks for your patience guys.

I’m getting early reports of slowness using generative normals on lower end machines. I’ll probably swap this to a texture asset instead shortly.

There’s an example in the overview map of a mesh with multiple materials applied to it. I also tested it with the UE mannequin, which has two material slots. Do either of them work for you?

You don’t. Specular isn’t part of PBR, its only included in UE4 for legacy. PBR uses metallic and roughness.

You can’t do dielectrics without specularity, which is essentially the part of the lighting model that the fur benefits from. In any case the specular and metal (I’ve called it translucency because it spreads light around) channels give different results.

Hmm, the shader does apply to the mannequin’s material slots. I can’t understand why it wouldn’t work on some meshes, they are just skeletal meshes. .-.

Check this document out from Wes at Allegorithmic: 3D design software, AR design software, and apps | Adobe

Page 13 starts speaking about the Specular / Glossiness workflow.


Would you be able to migrate your mesh into a new project, include the preset (but not the fur shader itself, I’ll inject that to save time) and zip it up and send it to me at please?

Only bunny seems to be working well, and looking decent using. 4.16.2 If I apply a different texture. Everything goes black, shadows all disappear. using more than one material on skeletal mesh doesn’t work for me. I just created a mobile template, and imported one character. Not running a large scene. I cant get any other material or texture to work.

Are you able to say what texture parameter you’re changing specifically, and can you expand on “doesn’t work” please?

The shader doesn’t support mobile, I’m not sure why those icons are enabled on the support page but I’ve put in yet another ticket to have it fixed. If you purchased the shader specifically for mobile I’d be happy to issue a refund.

This is awesome! Picked up yesterday thank you for the great summer sale discount. Although now that ive played with it firsthand it is well worth the full price. I was curious about hair with this, and noticed a post above about it working with short hair, but if we did make longer hair with it we could essentially make gravity defying hair, similar to Final Fantasy? Sounds interesting. Gonna do some experimenting on this :slight_smile:

Im trying to get it working. Put it in a desktop third person template. Same thing. I’m wondering if there is something that i’m doing that is wrong. It works with static meshes, but not my skeletal mesh.

Hehe thanks. :slight_smile: Hair really needs per-pixel directionality rather than just having a single brush vector like what it has now. I’ve thought about adding a brush vector map but it’d be enormously complicated to set up without some kind of real-time painting. It suits buzzcuts and things though. There’s an earlier video showing the vector painting growth stuff that can give you an idea of what it can do.

That said, I AM working on a skeletal sample model that will try to have that kind of stuff.

It’s very hard to tell what’s going on there but I’m gonna suggest turning off “Use fluffy edges” in the preset you’re using. Is it possible to see your model without the fur shader applied too?

I think this had something to do with my lightmaps. I was able to get it working. Thanks.

Excellent. :slight_smile:

It’s brought me pure joy, and awoken an interest in an old project. I completely broke my model, and re did everything. I have some sparkles on the tips of my fur I’m trying to get rid of. Almost like a wetness. They almost look like stars shimmering. If I can’t get rid of it. I will leave it in as a special effect.

That’s always a good feeling. :slight_smile: The sparkling could be a factor of the opacity mask it uses, so it might be difficult to remove. Check your engine quality settings, what your tip colour is, what the specular value is doing, etc.

I bet you thought it was really really hard. I mean when I think back, I used to have ideas of modelling a single hair then multiplying it by a few thousand times!..which would take one large amount of processing…definitely not possible for games or for simple cool effects :slight_smile:
One particular technique of creating good looking fur without killing yourself with maths and algorithms and weeks of processing time, is to use shell texturing! Remember those words, “Shell Texturing”. As there’s lots of information on generating Fur or Hair using shell texturing. Sometimes mixed in with the subject of volume shadowing and volume effects in 3D!

It’s just playing around with the wind movement, and specular. The weird thing about it was my character looked like a morphing, sparkling galaxy. I had some issues with the UV’s. If 2 contrasting colors get too close to each other. One will bleed through. So I had to move my UV’s around, and it went away. I also got the shadow to appear so it’s all good now.